The Grey Edge: Chapter Forty-Nine

‘I’m your lawyer, it’s not my job.’

Mordred heaved the empty bottle of Jack in the vague direction of the used-up sleeping whores. It hurt too much to aim. Hurt too much to think. Hurt too much to do anything other than pickle his brain with cheap alcohol.
Another stream of magic shot from his hand like a bright red premature ejaculation. It arced and crackled, digging deeper into the floor crater that was steadily growing with each blast.
He fixed his gaze somewhat in the human’s direction. ‘No, Francis, you were my mother’s lawyer. For what I’m planning on paying you, you’d offer your arse to me as easily as these cumdumpsters do.’
The lawyer remained nonplussed. ‘I do have standards, Mordred.’
‘I want you, exclusively – and I know how faggy that sounds – until this is all over. I don’t want the shit and pain and work of ascending as warden, only for some bitch to use some King’s loophole to take it all away from me.’
‘No one,’ Francis said, finally sitting in the chair across from him, ‘gets me exclusively.’
‘I do.’
‘Not even your mother-’
‘Welcome to the new regime, James, I get what I want, when I want.’
‘You don’t get to call me that, Mordred.’
‘One could take offence.’
‘James for dealing with humans, Francis for dealing with fae, it’s how I keep the two worlds separate, very important considering what I do. It’s the one concession you have to make.’
He stared up at the lawyer. ‘Get me another drink, and I’ll agree.’
Francis stood, walked to the sideboard and pulled another bottle of Jack from the selection, and returned and placed it in his waiting hand. He tore the lid from the bottle and chugged on it before feeling the pleasant numbing sensation reach his hand.
‘My focus hasn’t been on you until now,’ Francis said as he went back to his chair. I know your father isn’t an issue-’
‘It wouldn’t have surprised me if you were my father, considering you’re one of the only non-Court men that mother didn’t eviscerate.’
‘To have been your father would have meant cheating on my wife, whom I loved dearly, if you can understand the emotion, Mordred.’
‘I see it, I see how it affects people, see how it makes them weak.’
‘Weakness isn’t a trait I’m plagued by,’ Francis said. ‘I was offered the position, if it’s of any interest to you, but I declined, and I urged your mother to continue her black widow streak with the fathers of her children, it was one of the things I did admire about her, it was efficient, and it left her in control. On to you, are there any problems that I need to know about?’
‘Every kill I’ve made, I’ve had the right.’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Every one was either Court-approved or I had a rights-holder delegate it to me. And if no one needed killings, mother was always willing to create a playmate for me. Francis, you’ve got no idea the utter fucking power rush you get when you fuck, hunt and kill a thing that’s only been sentient for an hour.’
‘Your proclivities don’t interest me, Mordred.’
‘You just watched me fuck these two!’
‘This room has the best light,’ Francis said, poker-faced, ‘and I don’t mind a free show.’
‘I could make you one if you like. When was the last time you had blood on your hands? You look like a man in need of a good kill.’
‘I am more discrete than that,’ the lawyer said, ‘the few times I’ve had to use that solution, I’ve had someone take care of it for me.’
‘So you’ve never had the joy of a kill?’
‘Mordred, unlike you, I’m not a sociopath.’
‘I thought you had to be in your line of work.’
‘Really? Stereotype jokes? I thought all of those would have been out of your system.’ Francis sighed. ‘If you do plan on being warden, I need to research your…rather unique position.’
‘Don’t you have someone to do your grunt work for you?’
‘I didn’t get this far by relying on other people.’
‘And reliance on you?’
‘Necessary, Mordred, at least until you get all of your powers.’