Based on a conversation in another forum, this just… uh…. Came out of my head. I feel dirty and ashamed.
EXPLICIT sexual content. Don’t read unless you like that kind of stuff.
The slapping sound of flesh pounding flesh penetrated through the dark. Stef found her eyes slamming open with the next slap, expecting to see a fist.
It’s not you.
It’s not you Spyder. You aren’t being beaten. Close your eyes.
Small miracles. I thought it was another stress test alr
I told you to close your eyes. Spyder? SPYDER?
Stef floated in a tank, small lines connected to her body. Murky though it was, the fluid and glass failed to block the sound, and worse, the sight in front of her.

^Ahh, like that. No, a bit to the ri…ahhh^
^I know how you like it^
Parker wrapped his arms around an empty tank, his chest squeaking up and down rhythmically against the glass as Parker wrapped his arms around his twin, slamming into him as hard has he could with each thrust.
The slapping of one Parker’s ass violently meeting the inside of the other Parker’s thighs mostly drowned out the slick wet sound of his cock entering and leaving his ass. Almost.
Stef’s eyes locked open, catatonic, but seeing and hearing every sight and sound. Random thoughts floated across her mind, nothing coherent.
If I shit that big, I’d split in half.
Parker moaned and shuddered, crushing himself against the glass as his brother buried himself as deep as he could go within him. As his shuddering ended, he drew a ragged breath as Parker pulled himself out, grabbed his brother by the shoulder, and spun him around.
Leading with his member, throbbing with his heart, pounding in time with the hammer in his ears, his cock met the back of his brother’s throat, driving into it as well as pushing Parker backwards against the glass.
Closing his lips around the meat now in his mouth, Parker ran his toungue back and forth across the shaft, and taking Parker’s balls in his hand, gently massaged them with his thumb while pressing gently just past them, massaging his prostate from the outside. Parker moaned, and began thrusting gently into Parker’s face.
^You know how to push my buttons^
^I always do^
Parker felt his cock slide in and out of Parker’s throat, snaking it’s way down several inches with each thrust. Parker made swallowing motions, and they both shuddered in ecstacy as his cock was squeezed and released in a wave across it, the epiglottis rubbing the tip of his penis.
Stef’s muscles released enough to start tapping softly on the glass with a clenched fist. The soft tapping was inaudible under the low rumbling sounds made by Parker sliding in and out of Parker’s gaping mouth.
^Oh, the wonders of being able to control our gag reflex^
^Shut up and, ohh^
Parker felt Parker start to spasm in his mouth, and pulled back. He brought his tounge directly under the head of Parker’s cock, sucking hard while massaging with his tounge, stroking the shaft with his free hand, and pushing harder on Parker’s taint. Parker grabbed his hair in both hands, pulling as he came, moaning, in Parker’s mouth. He rolled the warm salty liquid around his mouth, drinking greedily.
Parker fell backwards, landing on his naked ass on the cold floor, legs entagled around Parker. He panted for a few moments, savoring the after glow, before looking up at his brother.
^Your turn my love^
^what’s that sound?^
As one they turned to see the catatonic Agent Mimosa, eyes wide and staring, mouth agape. The only movement was a slow tap of one hand against the glass.
^I think we broke her^
^You were supposed to make sure she stayed asleep^
Parker turned and looked himself in the twinkling eyes, a smile spreading across his face.
^Well, you do love an audience^
^Yeah you do^
[You’re going to need to wipe Mimosa before the next set of tests.]
Jonesy’s irriation was palpable, even through the Agent IM. [AGAIN? If you have to use the basement, draw a curtain over her tank or something.]
Well, here comes the mindwipe. AGAIN