Stef looked around the destroyed hallway, hearing the recruits’ cries of pain and confusion. ‘Can’t worry about them right now,’ she said, ‘we-’
‘They’re hurt,’ Ryan argued.
‘Are you even carrying a gun?’
‘…how hard did you get hit on the head?’
She turned back to him and managed a smile. ‘I’m paranoid,’ she said, ‘I have sat down and specially prepared multiple end-of-the-world contingency plans, for multiple scenarios. I’m kind of just running off a script in my head, so please just follow me before I fall apart. There’s…approximately one hundred and seventy-three seconds before that happens.’
He nodded, and dutifully followed her across the broken floor, and around the various corners of the Field floor to reach her office. The door was hanging loosely from its hinges, so he had to kick it in to afford them access.
Her office was in a similar state of disrepair to his – windows blown out, a murdered plant (though this one seemed to have somehow died from malnutrition, an odd side-effect from an explosion) and an upturned desk.
Her own couch, however, was miraculously still in place – likely something to do with it being bolted to the floor for occasions such as this.
She knelt in front of the couch, tore away the cushions, both of them managing to hit the relatively small target that was Ryan, then unzipped the secret compartment beneath the thin cover.
Set into the frame of the couch were two large metal cases, and two duffel bags.
She heard Ryan’s unspoken question, turned and perched on the end of the couch. ‘Riot gear, including helmets, body armour and those little non-lethal force batons, automatic weapons, enough spare ammo to take down two battalions, calculating on one-point-five bullets per soldier, or yanno, a decent few companies with chests full of lead.’She smiled. ‘And rations and water for a few days. Those…not so important, since we can just repel down the side of the building and go to the cafe across the street.’
She stood, ran across to her upturned desk, and pulled her emergency thermos of coffee from one of the drawers. ‘This is really happening, isn’t it?’
‘Yes,’ he replied as he began to dress himself in the body armour.
She took another swig of coffee. ‘What’s the real contingency for this? I mean, I never looked up the-’
‘Get everyone out, then detonate. Sacrificing the building is nothing, it’s better than letting them get their hands on anything.’
‘…but seriously, are they fucking mad?’ she asked. ‘I mean, things like this don’t happen.’
‘Whoever they are,’ he said, strapping on the helmet, ‘yes, let’s assume they’re crazy.’
‘I’m scared.’
‘I know.’ He crossed the room and dropped the smaller helmet on her head. ‘But it isn’t safe to stay in one place either, we’ve got to get moving.’
She snapped a wibbling salute, and began to put on her riot gear.

Reminder: This is non-canon, just a bit of fun.