Cannon: Something you fire people out of.
Canon: The sum total of the information within a series (ie, the history, facts, and “what is true” within a particular universe).
Cookie canon can be a little confusing, especially to those who have come in via the ebooks, so this short explanation should serve to make everything clear.
In the beginning, there was a light. It was the sun shining off Captain Picard’s head as Q showed him the birth of life on Earth.
Some time later, Stormy began to write Require: Cookie, though most people just called it Mirrorfall back then. Both Mirrorfall and Mirrorheart had two slightly different versions (1.0 and 2.0, respectively), and although Mirrorshades, The Grey Edge and Oubliette only had one version each, they all collectively fall under the “2.0” canon.
The 2.0 canon consists of five novels, on incomplete novella (The Nature of Nurture), and a handful of short stories. When it came time to prepare the serials for ebook release, there were a number of small things that were to be changed – some with ripple effects that caused larger changes, and the need to refer to it as a new canon.
All of this canon is slowly being overwritten by the 3.0/ebook canon, and this is the canon that we will move forward with.
Some changes are small – such as a secondary character getting a few more lines here and there. Some changes are far larger – such as the fact that there will now be additional novels in the timeframe that Book 1-5 in the 2.0 canon covered.
All of the 2.0┬ácanon is still available on the site to be read – though with the caveat that any events that occur during the 2.0 content may not survive through to the rewrite.

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