“Field Agent Stef Mimosa. Blah blah age, weight, height… Designed for infiltration. Certainly tiny enough to infiltrate a lot of places. Inconspicuous. Blah blah Mirrorfall… Faked death…”
Vincent dropped the file on the desk.
“And why am I reading this file, sir?”
Jonathan gave him that Agent-patented neutral face, but with an eyebrow raised. “Because we’re sending you to Brisbane tomorrow, and Agent Mimosa is probably the only thing you need to read up on. I’m pretty damn sure you can handle everything else, what with all that business you got into in Colorado.”
“Seriously? Brisbane? Fucking Australia?”
“Yes, seriously. At least I’m not sending you to Fucking Madagascar. You’d never get into Madagascar, anyway. Compared to the rest of the Brisbane Agency, Agent Mimosa makes Madchester look like a walk in the park.”
“Madchester IS a walk in the park.”
“Says you.”
“… the self proclaimed lunatic.”
“Why Brisbane?”
“Remember that questionnaire you did in Denver? It came from Australia, and someone down there read your answers and thought you’d be a good addition to the team in Brisbane. Turns out, it was a little thing from a recruit exchange program. All the papers are already filed.”
“I guess. I can come back if things go south… no pun intended.”
“Besides, it’s a little bit easier to get away with things down there, and there aren’t any mountain ranges to turn pink.”
Vincent chuckled.
“So, are you ready?”
“As long as I can still require a towel, I’m always ready.”