There’s a voice.
Is that you?
Does it sound like me, Spyder?
And…another voice?
So…I’m not alone here? Oh my-
Shut up. Don’t get excited, you’ve got no idea what’s going on, so just shut up and listen.
But I’m not alone. I’m finally not alone. I have to talk to them.
You’re not alone Spyder. Not while you’ve got me. But you know nothing about what’s going on here, so just trust me. Keep quiet and listen to them.
I want to talk to someone that isn’t you. I just need…some way of communicating with them. Like a mouth, or a body, or headspace-to-headspace IM. Actually, that’s not as dumb…
Yes, yes it is.
Hello? Hello? Hi?
I told you not to.
Why aren’t they answering?
I don’t know. Maybe they aren’t really there. Maybe you aren’t really here.
I’m scared again.
Really scared this time.