It’s really hard to keep quiet in your own head. Brain. Mind. Whatever. I want to listen for the other voice, I want to keep quiet in case…well, in case it wants to hurt me.
And it might just want to hurt me. I hope it doesn’t, but collateral damage and all that, I might just get in the way. Why would it want to hurt me? Why would anyone want to hurt me? I never did nothing to nobody…
That’s a double-negative Spyder.
Are you ever going to give me a fucking break?
Learn2English and I might.
Spyder…there’s one possibility that you haven’t considered.
Shut up. I know what you’re talking about. It’s not that, so shut up.
You’re a brain in a jar, you’re somewhere people shouldn’t be, and you don’t even really know if you’re dead or alive, I think it’s fairly fucking relevant right about now.
Shut. Up. It’s not that. I don’t wish that anymore.
We’re not talking about this anymore.
What if…What if you brought this yourself?