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‘Don’t be scared, newbie.’ – Curt, MF#18

If you’re brand-new, and you just want to jump in feet-first, this is the first chapter of Book #1. If you want a bit more a guided tour, please see below.

Likely, the most important thing to understand about the reading order is that we’re embarking on a rewriting process, in order to bring the books up to standard with what I’m happy to release to the even-wider public (as with a lot of serials, what is originally released on here is a first draft, so there’s inconsistencies and errors, and whatnot).

As such, we refer to the “old canon” books as 2.0, and the new works as 3.0/”the Kindle editions”.


Mirrorfall, the first book in the series, has been rewritten and released as an ebook.



Mirrorheart, the second book in the series, is currently being rewritten.

The soon-to-be superseded of Mirrorheart still does exist on the site, but it’s probably the one book I would prefer people didn’t go back in read, in light of the upcoming rewrite. The Agency holds the idiot ball for a large portion of the book, and Taylor’s treatment of a visiting agent is so OOC that’s it’s cringe-worthy (they have a far more positive relationship in the rewrite, now that I know Taylor’s character better).

My suggestion, honestly, would be to read this *spoiler* page, and skip straight to Mirrorshades.



Mirrorshades, the third book, will have its rewrite following Mirrorheart. The rewrite of Mirrorshades will have its differences, obviously (and I have a longer coda planned – though this may actually become a separate book/novella), the story will be largely the same.



The Grey Edge, book four. This is another one I have some issues with, so the rewrite will likely take a different route, but it contains important character development, if you care about the violence specialists who run the Combat Division.



Oubliette, book five.

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