There was a knock at the door.
Jones put down the miniature he was painting, looked up, and smiled at Ryan. ‘Yes, Director?
‘Jones, I have a strange question to ask you.’
‘You’re in the right place for strange, Director.’
‘Stef has been going outside far more than usual lately. Volunteering for extra patrols, that kind of thing. I would-‘ Worry was evident on his face. ‘Could you perform a full diagnostic on-?’
Jones held up his hands. ‘There’s no need to worry, there’s nothing wrong with her.’
Ryan looked at him as though he was an idiot. ‘Stef. Outside. These are things that do no usually go together, Jones.’
‘There’s a new game, sir, it rewards people for going outside.’
‘Oh,’ Ryan said, understanding filling his face. ‘Well that explains it then.’
Jones smiled. ‘I’ll send you some articles about it, sir.’
‘Thank you, Jones.’ Ryan hesitated for a moment. ‘And you, are you playing it?’
Jones let a smile rest on his face. ‘Oh, of course, sir. I have my phone attached to a drone as we speak