Reality slowly resolved around Stef, her fingers stopped their rhythm on the keyboard as with a series of pops and cracks she craned her neck around.
“Curt, is it patrol time already? I was just… uh…. coding?” A quick alt-tab flipped up a compiler, random lines of code flicking into existence with a few strokes.
“Stef, I’m the one that showed you the fake coding webpage, I saw the game. Haven’t you been watching your HUD?”

“What, the cheesy lol!Agent videos Jonesy keeps sending me of the rubber masked kaiju attacking Sydney?” Cute, but not worth….” She trailed off as he stared at her incredulously. “What?”
“Newbie… that’s a live feed.” He pointed at a wall where several news programs were showing, recruits piled around. Different images showed the coastline ravaged by the giant reptilian beast slowly working inland.
“By Turing, that thing must be ten stories tall!”
“Which is why Jones sent me to get you. It’s all hands.”
A flickering message on her HUD caught Stef’s attention. Jonesy popped up a quick line of text [I see Curt broke you away. Shift command incoming, accept it.] The communication broke off as the shift popup appeared. “But I can’t, what can I , you can’t?’ She hit the accept button as an afterthought, stunned by Jones’ brusque command as much as by the monster on the wall. The Agency walls vanishing as daylight caught her face.
“HISS! Evil Daystar!”
Several Agents stood around in a loose group, watching the monster in the distance, Jones, Taylor, and Ryan among them. “Theatrics later Stef. Monster fighting now.”
“Love you too dad.”
Ryan broke narc face for a moment, smiling at her. A quick tussle of her hair and hug, then the /serious fell again. “I hate to say it, but we’re at a loss. I was hoping that brain of yours had a thought of how we can minimize damage.”
Stef thought for a moment. “I take it we’ve already tried shifting a bomb into its head?”
Jones shook his head. “We’re guessing it’s Solstice created or assisted. The thing is putting out one giant blackout zone.
“Umm…Require: Morpher? Summon the megazord?”
“Size restriction on Requirements. Plus, even we don’t mess with copyright lawyers.”
Stef required a dozen cookies, demolishing them while joining the rest of the Agents in watching the destruction unfold, unable to do anything. Her gaze unfocused as she started thumbing through the internet.
[Now is not the time to browse YouTube.]
[Maybe it is, check this out, from a video game. What do you think Jonesy?”
Jones watched in his HUD as two figures in blue and pink discussed philosophy. [I don’t]
[No no, fast foward to…there.]
[Hunh. Okay, maybe… yes. YES!]
Plans and designs quickly hashed out by Jones and tech Agents from other Agencies, the idea spread like wildfire. More Agents began to shift in, and Stef watched in amusement as they began climbing on top of each other, attached to each other by metal harnesses and tubes glowing with blue flowing from tanks attached within the slowly building structure. Agents joined together, hand and foot, like long chains of ants. Muscles and skeleton formed by living tinkertoys in blue suits, the vaguely man shaped behemoth rose several stories taller than the monster in the background. News helicopters broke off circling the beast to film the newest giant thing to assault Sydney.
[Care to pilot?]
[Do the Care Bears stare?]
A quick shift and Stef found herself in the control center inside the Agent amalgamations’ head. The control panel, like the rest of the beast, was made of Agents, two arms sticking up like giant joysticks.
[Um…. weird.]
Jones smiled at her, his face a few feet above her. “Just be glad we didn’t go with Grigori’s design.”
“Is everyone in here?”
[I’m in the chest kiddo. Taylors out in one of the fists.]
[Of course he is. Well, at least we have you in the heart, where you belong dad.]
[Less cheesy banter, more monster squishing.]
“Ohh yeah.” Grabbing several fingers and flicking them, Stef felt the behemoth come to life around her, blue flowing through the tubes throughout the pile of Agents and steel, powering them, driving them to the feats of strength and endurance requried to make this work.
The loudspeaker triggered, the monster in the distance turned as Stef taunted it.

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