From: Agent Jones
To: [Tech-BNE] [Field-BNE] [Combat-BNE] [Misc-BNE]
CC: [Agents-BNE] [Aides-BNE]
Subject: For Immediate Release – Developments in Tactical Equipment
Attachments: [Participation Application – Pilot] [Participation Application – Crew]
We are currently seeking participants in a trial for a new type of tactical equipment.

As this equipment will automatically add a +3 to any existing Field score, all participants over a current rating of 1.1 are eligible to apply. Persons under a rating of 1.1 may apply to crew/monitoring positions*.
Equipment designated as full body external augment with combat and/or retrieval applications.
Recruits will pilot to the machines (designated Orokamono as per the initial project’s specifications). These machines will stand approximately 2.8m tall, with a variety of weights (weight of your Orokamono will determine the missions and conditions it may undertake, as those designed for system-area activities are much lighter, though far more fragile outside of optimal system conditions).
Each Orokamono will come equipped with a variety of weapons and utility features, depending on the class of vehicle and design intention.
The Orokamono represent a far more aggressive Agency strategy than in previous years, allowing for far more direct confrontations with the Solstice (et al). Use of the Orokamono is the first in a series of new endeavours that will take us from a reactive organisation to a proactive one.**
We currently have three models we are trialling.
Alpha – Mrk 1 – Heavy Combat (Non-system area combat)
Seeking primarily combat recruits (in particular, those suffering injuries detrimental to regular service) for Alpha pilot testing – this model will predominantly be used for breaching buildings, along with guarding Agents and lighter Orokamono models during combat and retreat.
Striker – Mrk 5 – System Combat
Combat and Field recruits preferred – the “general-use” Orokamono, as this model is using system-enhanced materials, and relies on system-activated blue components, the Striker is specifically for use in system territory, and will self-destruct if in non-system territory for extended periods.***
Crimson – Mrk 4 – System and Non-System Retrieval/Combat
Field and Technical recruits preferred. Some combat and protection applications. Also non-combat applications such as assistance with the Agency Corp of Engineers (possible reassignment opportunities once qualified). Also the preferred model for non-Combat exhibition in Faerie.
We require twelve test subjects from across this network (Outpost recruits who act in a general capacity may be required to retake departmental assignment tests and receive up-to-date scoring).
Please respond by standard COB Friday to be included in the first round of candidates.
*Tech-BNE, please note that monitoring positions will also be assigned as part of regular duties, in addition to (or replacement of) standard monitoring assignments.
** For advance information regarding these endeavours, please send a blank email to the [BNE-T-Projects] address, and you will be added to the mailing list.
***For transport through Faerie and exhibition in Courts, the self-destruct can be disarmed.
Agent Jones
Technical Agent
Level 16, Brisbane Central Agency (Queen Street)
{Email verified: AU-007. 0873-72-973-1484. GMT+10. 01-04-2014.}
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